Monday, May 28, 2007

South Africa Bill's Way

You must go and look at the video on SA Rocks! I think that Bill sums up South Africa pretty well and from a totally independant viewpoint.

Monday, May 14, 2007

South Africa Restaurants Where Food is Sublime

I've been busy recently with Costa Brava Spain and neglectful of all you lovely people wanting information on South Africa. To be honest, not a lot has passed over my desk that I thought "I've really GOT to tell you this", but this particular restaurant reminded me of our trip to Paternoster at the very beginning of the year.

Cafe Manatoka in Mosselbank Street, Paternoster is highly representative of the lovely little cafes/restaurants you will find in the West Coast seaside town. Well, village would probably be a better description, as it is small and you do have to winkle out the best eating places, but once you do, oh boy! You've just got to go back for more ...

For more information on Paternoster, check out Tailor Made South Africa Travel.

You'll be glad you did!