Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ex-Patriot South African's Causing London Storm

I found an interesting blog entry today about ex-patriot South African's. The Nicoll Family blog started the topic off and apparently caused quite a stir. Needless to say that I added my own ha'pence worth! (Not one to sit on the fence!).

Go and take a look, but whilst you are steaming (or otherwise) about the thoughts on offer, take the time to read further down about Head of the Family's exploits on getting a backpacker bus up and running from Bulawayo to Cape Town and how he picked up (literally) business in the beginning. I had a real giggle ...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

South Africa Travel: Travel Stories win Cash Prizes

Can you write? Have you been on vacation to South Africa or live there and enjoy travelling around your magnificent country? Why not have a go at putting your travels down on paper and sending them off.

SA Venues is looking for your stories, be they about long vacations, short weekend breaks, or even days out to places you think are special.

Get your writing caps on and put pen to paper. Click here to read all about the competition, after all $2000 or 15,000 Rand is not to be sneezed at!

Here at Tailor Made South Africa Travel, we are having a hard job trying to narrow down all the wonderful places we can write about and still fit it all into our day!

South Africa Travel: Blogs That Go The Extra Mile

I've been writing some articles recently for a fabulous blog, approprietely called South Africa Blog! You will discover all sorts of hidden gems and facts about South Africa amongst its pages. If you are looking for somewhere to start your research, other than Tailor Made South Africa Travel of course, then you can't do better!

What about taking a look at the competition? Scroll down the page, below the article on the West Coast and start writing! Look what you can win!

Get down there as soon as you can ...
South Africa Travel: A Honeymoon in South Africa

Well, I'm back! After four months (or more) in the internet connection wilderness here in Spain, we are back online and I am able once more to bring you news of South Africa travel and all things associated with South Africa.

I have been looking at a most interesting blog, called "Diary of Planning a Wedding in Edinburgh", all about one couple's plans for their forthcoming wedding. Very sensibly they have chosen South Africa for their honeymoon destination.

Take a look and see what they are up to. I thought it was a very clever way to write about the trials and tribulations of wedding preparations. I hope it helps other brides with their plans. If you are looking for help with planning that wedding in South Africa or indeed with the honeymoon itself, please take a look at Tailor Made South Africa Travel. We will be delighted to help you plan that all important special occasion with no obligation. Get our free itinerary and see what we can achieve for you.