Monday, February 25, 2008

Safari in South Africa - 6 Days is Not Enough!

For a safari in South Africa, 6 days is not enough! So says Kaelynn in her assessment of her trip to South Africa.

Take a look at Kaelynn's blog and you will find a lovely young person's description of her time in South Africa. She's loved it so much, she's thinking of doing an internship at the University of Cape Town just so that she can come back to do all the things she didn't get time to do this time!

I particularly love her description of the restaurant at Spier, Stellenbosch called Moyo. It is an amazing sight to see the "tables" set amongst the treetops whilst all around is lit up with braziers and flaming torches - very atmospheric!

I also think that Kaelynn's description of the township visit good, although I would have loved to hear a bit more about it. What a pity Kaelynn has not had time to go up Table Mountain and visit Robben Island. You will have to come back, Kaelynn, to see the rest of the country!

Make sure you leave enough time on your visit to South Africa to fit in all the exciting things you need to see!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I've Squidoo'd again!

I've been busy building a South Africa Squidoo page! Go and have a look at all my hard work building a resource for South Africa ...

Tailor Made South Africa's Squidoo page

Do leave a comment and let me know what you think of it. How do you think I can improve it?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Safari in South Africa- Through the City of Cape Town

Take a safari in South Africa and one of the cities you must not miss is Cape Town. I've just found this great little video which I think gives you a small taster of what your vacation in Cape Town could be like.

Take a look now!

Why not purchase the ebook, "An Insider’s Guide To South Africa: 101 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Cape Town"

You'll find a wealth of information about this fascinating city at the foot of Africa, so that you'll make the most of your precious time in Cape Town when you are there.