Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rugby World Cup Clash for South Africa and England

Rugby World Cup fever has hit our household! South Africa and England are in the final and we are torn with who to support! Normally we support both teams because they don't play each other that frequently, but now they are both in the final ...

Sport in South Africa is amazing. Every bar, restaurant or shop has a television tuned into the sport of the moment, be it cricket, rugby, golf - the choice is endless. Everyone takes an interest, especially when the cricket is on, stopping by to ask the latest score, how's he doing, who's batting? It encompasses one and all, young and old.

Well, I'm going to sit firmly on the fence and say, "may the best team win!" You make your own minds up ... who do you want to win and why?

PS. Check out Percy Montgomery's hair. Apparently, the English players have to ruffle his hair to put him off his stride. His nickname is Peacock.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tailor Made South Africa Travel Gets New Blog

Well, I've finally managed to pull Tailor Made South Africa Travel and Costa Brava Spain together under one banner at Coast 2 Coast Connection!

The two parts of my business (and life) have now come together in one place, but don't worry I won't be abandoning you here! I love to write, so I will be able to keep you all up-to-date with happenings in South Africa in both blogs.

The name, Coast 2 Coast Connection brings together two amazing coastlines, Costa Brava, Spain and the whole of the South African coastline that stretches for more than 2500 km from the Namibian border on the Atlantic coast, round Cape Point and Cape Agulhas right up to Mozambique on the Indian Ocean.

The Costa Brava is tiny in comparison, only 160 km, but its beauty is no less. Stunningly rugged in parts with turquoise blue seas and long sandy beaches and tiny inlets and coves. It is a fascinating destination with history, beauty, culture and cuisine which are international icons.

South Africa is billed as a "World within one Country" and it's not hard to see why! Such varied coastline alone would make it difficult to choose one particular beach to visit, but couple that with the mind-blowing diversity inland and it is not unexpected that people turn to those in the know to help them plan their travel.

Why not go on over to Tailor Made South Africa Travel and take your pick of exciting things to see and do on your own South Africa idyll?

Friday, October 05, 2007

Cape Town Daily Photo: To Harley or not to Harley

Cape Town Daily Photo: To Harley or not to Harley

I love this blog! Kerry-Ann takes lovely photos and here is one she's taken of Harley Davidson bikes holed up at their Sunday morning breakfast joint.

She made me smile too, with her thoughts on those amazing helmets!

Keep taking the photos, Kerry-Ann - I love your slant on Cape Town life.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

African Bird Off-Course For Its Winter Destination

I went up to our villa rental on the Costa Brava, Spain yesterday, mainly just to check that everything was OK and also to show TorreMirona Golf & Spa Resort to a friend over from the UK. It was also a great excuse for lunch at one of my favourite haunts, Tamariu.

Whilst standing gazing at the spectacular view towards the Pyrenees mountains, I spotted an African Hoopoe bird sitting in our garden!

The photo above is courtesy of photo © Arkadiy Yarmolenko.

These amazing African birds spend the South African winter here in the southern and central parts of Europe before heading south again for the summer.

I think he must have been stocking up on grubs for his journey, as the weather here in Spain is decidedly Autumnal and I think he will be beginning to miss the sunshine! But how lucky was I?!

Check out this particular website for more African birds you can see on your travels to South Africa.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Encounter a African Lion Safari at Victoria Falls or A cheetah

What better way to get up close and personal to an African lion than to go on safari at the Victoria Falls!

At Victoria Falls you have the unique experience of the lion encounter! This amazing experience offers a once in a lifetime insight into the behaviour and social aspects of the African Lion.

Guests interact with 2 or 3 lion cubs for a period of approx. 1 ½ hours. The lions roam free with guests in the African bush, and you may even be lucky enough to experience the cubs stalking some of the wildlife species that occur on the property.

The training and rehabilitation techniques adopted with these lions are well supervised and professionally managed, which makes it very safe - so far over 11000 walks have been conducted without a single incident!

It is rather like the same experience with cheetah's. We spent two days at the African Game Lodge outside Montagu which was a truly magical experience and one not to be missed. You cannot imagine the peace and stars! Yes, imagine being able to see the stars in their entirety in the inky blackness of an African night.

Let us help you plan your special African safari, be it to see the lions or the cheetahs, you are guaranteed a magical time which ever you choose!

Monday, October 01, 2007

South Africa Vacation - Johannesburg to Cape Town Testimonial

Here is a great testimonial from some very satisfied customers! I think it says it all - to take two teenage boys on holiday with you and to keep them both happy and interested takes a lot of doing, but it seems we got it right ...

Spectacular! Seems the only thing we missed was meeting you..found some evidence at Jo'burg car hire though! Heartfelt thanks from us all, we had a fabulous time, grand accommodation, great people, and Rhino Post was a fitting final fanfare...from the elephants, we were surrounded at one point...

We swam, swung through trees, caved, cage dived, flew in helicopters round Cape Point and walked across the Kruger...and lots more

Our friends who live in SA were very impressed with our itinerary and joined us for various nights...so a BIG pat on the back...we could not have done this without your excellent help and interpretation of what we enjoy. You (and SA to be fair!) have wildly (pun intended) exceeded our expectations.

Best regards
Peter Jo Miles and Harrison

Not everyone has to have such an exciting "wild" vacation. We are currently planning an itinerary for an extra special 50th wedding anniversary with luxury safaris, helicopter flights over the Victoria Falls, Hippo watching on the Zambezie and ending on the beaches of Mozambique to watch the magnificent sunsets. Where do you want to go in South Africa?

Let us know and we will plan your itinerary especially for you ...