Friday, March 14, 2008

Received the Free Report on Safari in South Africa Yet?

Have you received the free report, "9 Sure Fire Ways To Have The Safari In South Africa You Always Wanted" yet?

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Here's what you'll find ...
  • The best game reserves to visit and whether to combine your trip with other destinations
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  • What animals you are likely to see and how to make sure you see all you want to
  • What you can expect and much more
You will love looking at all the wonderful photos and it is guaranteed to have you packing your bags, grabbing your passport and heading for the nearest airport with your camera slung over your shoulder and your pith helmet on your head!

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Safari in South Africa - Cape Town's Waterfront

Safari in South Africa and you will not want to miss Cape Town's famous Waterfront. The old working docks have been transformed over the last 20 years into a busy, buzzing area full of great restaurants, shopping malls full of the most beautiful shops, and streets teeming with street theatre.

I've been having fun over the weekend putting my video up onto YouTube for you all to see, so here it is! Hope you like it! Watch out for more movies over the coming weeks ...