Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cape Town History Lesson in the 21st Century

Cape Town history is remarkable! And the best bit is that it is neatly woven through the very fabric of this beautiful, seaside city.

From the English to the Dutch, from the Indies to San Bushmen, it's all on display. Why not take a look at this informative HubPage and enjoy a history lesson that is guaranteed not to be anything like a history lesson at school.

Do let me know what you like best about the HubPage. Send me your comments below ...

Why not have a look around whilst you are there. There's so much fascinating stuff on HubPages about all sorts of topics. I found this one on the subject of vacation packing and thought the tips are well worth thinking about in this age of paying for every piece of baggage you carry on airlines - AND pay extra for too!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Many Happy 90th Birthday Returns Mr Mandela!

Nelson Mandela turns 90! Many Happy Returns. I bet he never imagined getting to this illustrious age when incarcerated on Robben Island.

Here's one explanation - its the lack of junk food and cigarettes that have allowed him to have such good health! Take a look at's thoughts on the matter ... (Remember this is completely fictitious, but it brought a smile to my face!)

I for one, wish him well and hope that he still has many more birthdays to come. Just a thought, will he get a telegram from the Queen if he reaches 100?