Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Elephant Has Been Eaten!

I'm really glad you are reading this because...

I’ve finally done it! The frustrations have been considerable and far too many to mention here, you will be relieved to know, but I have now “given birth” to my “elephant!

I’ve taken it bit by bit, as any good “elephant” eater will tell you and now it is finally here.

“An Insider’s Guide To South Africa: 101 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Cape Town has hit the virtual “book stands” in the form of an immediately downloadable ebook in PDF format.

Find out those all important facts about a travel destination everyone has on their MUST DO list. Whet your appetite – here are just a few of the things you will discover within its pages:

  • Looking for the insider secrets? Check out page 4 on where to look
  • Find out why the Cape of Good Hope had an early change of name
  • How the city evolved into today’s Cape Town - Castles, grand houses, luxury and magnificence
  • Why Cosmopolitan Cape Town continues to thrive - how the buzz and energy seeps into your pores
  • Discover the Gold of Africa – twenty carat gold chunks and glittering gold artefacts depicting the wealth and power of African kings
  • District Six where you can find the history of apartheid and its devastating effects on the “ordinary” people
  • The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront - a mecca for those looking for the finest restaurants, shops, entertainment, living. A must read - find it on page 25
  • Day Jaunts and Overnight stays - the choice is yours
  • Discover the beauties of Cape Point and swim with penguins
  • Sip wine all day under spreading oak trees, with your picnic laid out beside you on the Wine Route
  • Shopping, Entertainment, Sports - not just for adults, but all the best things for children to get delighted about too!
  • Where To Stay, Eat and be merry … let us whet your appetite
  • And much, much more … we are longing to show you how dazzling this city at the foot of Africa REALLY is …

It’s been nearly 24 months in the planning, writing, organising, uploading etc, but you can now get the book at Tailor Made South Africa Travel.

I would love to know your thoughts on the book ... so check back soon and let me know!

Happy reading ...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Safari in South Africa - Guide to Malaria Free South Africa Safaris

Safari in South Africa and you immediately think of hot, steamy, wide open spaces of the African velde, but research closer under the skin and you will find a wealth of smaller safari reserves based away from the Kruger.

Most of these game reserves are malaria-free, such as the Western and Eastern Cape and a safari can be combined with other holiday requisites such as beach, mountains, shopping - the list is endless! Also when time is tight, less travelling is involved to bring these elements together, therefore making your holiday time stretch further.

Take a look at this wonderful video for Aquila, a two hour drive from Cape Town and I think you will begin to see the possibilities of combining a city and safari holiday in one trip.

You might want to click on the low-band video, then sit back, relax, enjoy the up-beat music and the fantastic pictures!

If you need help with an itinerary, don't forget we are just an email away at Tailor Made South Africa Travel ...