Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cape Town Waterfront Buzz

Cape Town's famous Waterfront is the envy of the world! Official.

Take a look at this particular Victoria, Canada resident and her view of this magical place. She says that Victoria is the polar opposite of the progressive insight Cape Town has had with its own docklands.

When I first visited in the early 80's, the vibrant, colourful place that is the Waterfront today didn't exist. A drab, neglected collection of warehouses, run-down docks and depleted fishing industry was all that was there.

No doubt a lot of naysayers didn't get their way, but it is testament to the vision of a small group of people who set the ball rolling and haven't given up!

Today it is truly alive with activity, music, colour and people. A must-not miss on anyone's itinerary!