Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Life Changing Journey Through South Africa

Take a trip to South Africa and you will soon find out that the reality and the news are two different things. Of course there is violence, muggings and atrocities that we would rather not think about, and these things do happen all over the world not just in South Africa, but take a read of this blog, My Life Changing Journey, that I've come across and I think you will agree that Maria, her friend and two Jack Russell dogs have truly found the REAL South Africa.

Take the time to read and join them on their journey through this extraordinary country. You have to be there to see it ...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tailor Made Australia Travel Joins Family

Tailor Made Australia Travel finally joins the Tailor Made family! Since the success of Tailor Made South Africa Travel last year, I have taken the plunge and added luxury personalized Australia travel to my portfolio of Helen Palmer Vacations.

I have partnered with a fantastic company in Australia to bring you Australia tailor made for you, just as I do South Africa. Each itinerary that we produce is especially for you, so that you can have the vacation YOU want, how you want it.

Don't want to be ferried around in a bus with 50 other people, but still want to have the best information, best prices and luxury accommodation?

Then look no further!

We find out exactly what type of holiday you have in mind, be it Australia or South Africa and we tailor the plan to your budget, your special interests, your desires. What could be better?

Make sure you get your own copy of our special report for South Africa, 9 Surefire Ways to have the Safari in South Africa You always wanted.

Coming soon - Australia's special report

Sure-fire Australia Destination Travel Ideas That Will Guarantee You Have The Luxury Australia Vacation You Desire

Check back soon!